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Bonding - Talk and Sing to Your Baby

I have read many articles encouraging mothers to talk to their baby during their pregnancy, but not enough emphasis for fathers to do the same. Well, dads to be, you should.

Some believe that bonding can be developed after birth, indeed you can but it takes a longer time and you have other factors that can hinder your progress. The thing is, why wait?

Bonding with your baby should start even before your baby is born. It begins in the mother's womb. Talking to your baby is a very effective way to bond with you baby for mothers and fathers. You can even sing to your baby and if you sing out of tune, the good news is your baby wouldn't know it and might even come to appreciate it as your baby grows up.

Babies begin to hear sounds in the fourth month of their development. If you cater for a regular talking and singing routine with your baby (I did mine mainly at night around 10pm), your voice will become a familiar sound to your baby. And you know what the great thing about that is? Your baby will begin looking forward to that special time just to hear you sing. Your baby will become accustom to your voice, a special song between the two of you, and find comfort and security from it. This is important and very helpful.

On the day our first child was born, I had already been talking and singing to her when she was in her mother's womb. The familiarity of my voice to her took almost immediate effect the day she was born.

The nurse carried her into the room and she was crying. My wife was too tired from labour to tend to her. I was the only other person in the room. Guess how that made me feel? What did I know about crying babies? She is a "stranger" to me. Man, I was terrified!

When I picked her up, she was still crying but the moment I spoke to her, she stopped crying as if she recognized something, you could tell she was listening. And you know what? Your wife will rave about how you are able to stop your child’s crying to everyone. My wife did and that does make me feel proud.

On occasions in the day or at night when she was unable to sleep, I would sing to her that same song I sang to her every night when she was still in the mummy’s womb, the familiar tune would help her fall asleep. This had an effect on her till she was three years of age.

Hey guys, talk to your baby now before your baby is born. Select a song and make it your song with your baby. It works, it really works!

When you talking to your baby, it becomes a familiar voice or sound, but when you sing to your baby (Limit to about a dozen songs, make one special) it becomes a comfort and source of security and certainty for your baby. So don’t just talk to your baby, sing dads, sing!

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