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Different Standards in Pregnancy Care.
War Between Parents and Your Wife.

When you are unsure how to care for your pregnant wife, you might turn to your own mother or mother-in-law for help; after all, they have gone through a pregnancy at least once. There is truth in the saying “Mothers know best” but you need to be sensitive to your wife’s feelings too.

Whether it is your mother or mother-in-law, your wife might get upset when it comes to pregnancy care for the following reasons:

  1. She doesn’t like to be fussed over during her pregnancy.
  2. Different practices or beliefs during pregnancy in what she can and cannot do, eat and wear.
  1. She is made to feel that the baby is more important than her.

Whatever reason it may be, there is truth in the advice our mothers have to give but things change, times have also changed, there may be better ways to care for your pregnant wife.

What’s important is for you to manage the situation. I know it isn’t an easy task and it will probably be one of the most difficult things that you will need to do but it won’t be the last. This is just the beginning as other issues will follow when your baby is born. Stand by your wife but manage both your parents and your wife.

An overly frustrated and irritated pregnant wife can lead to an unhealthy pregnancy.

Here's a tip on disputes on pregnancy care, don’t interfere during a dispute and come in only when the dispute is over unless things get out of hand. Talk to both parties individually and try to reach a compromise. Be fair and unbiased. Some times you will not find a solution.

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