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Morning Sickness

Most pregnant women will experience morning sickness that usually occurs in the 4th and 6th week of their pregnancy. It would last the initial three months (1st trimester) but some women do experience morning sickness for longer durations, even into their 3rd tirmester.

Husbands, there is really no cause for alarm here only inconveniences. Should your wife experience sever morning sickness, have her consult her Gynecologist. Usually it is the discomfort that gets to her.

However, not all women have morning sickness and it is not restricted to women only. Men can experience morning sickness too. I did! When my wife became pregnant, I had morning sickness the initial few weeks. Every morning I felt nauseated and was unable to consume food. This feeling lasted till about noon time each day. My wife on the other hand had no morning sickness.

My wife was spared the experience of morning sickness, I was the unfortunate one. Is this normal? Well, I really can't say that it is or is there any scientific proof that I know of. When the morning sickness stopped, I started having food cravings (Read article on food craving). When my wife had our second child, both of us did not experience morning sickness.

Morning sickness can occur at any time of the day, though it usually happens in the morning and gets better into the day. In my case it was about noon time.

Is there anything I did to overcome morning sickness? No, my morning sickness wasn't a sever case, it was bearable. Should your wife or you experience worning sickness, eating right can ease the queasiness.

Remember, if morning sickness gets unbearable, consult your gynae for advice.

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