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Keep Memories Of Your Baby’s Early Years Alive.

When my first child arrived, I took lots of pictures and videos of my baby. I just can’t help it; it is a passion and love for my precious daughter that I had to click away. In her first year, I had hundreds of her baby pictures taken and they are memories I can relive.

Your child will grow very quickly and there will be lots of wonderful moments to be cherished. Keeping pictures and even videos is a great way to relive them.

Taking videos of your baby will allow you capture the whole event and take in the sound and sight at the same time. However, it is very time consuming to edit them. Taking baby photographs on the other hand gives you flexibility of arrangement, adding comments and comfort of viewing anywhere, any place and at any time. What’s more, your child will love looking at their baby pictures when they are 2-3 years old.

I was invited to a free glamour photo session with my family that I won as a consolation prize. I have never won anything before except for one other occasion when I was 10 years old.

I thought it would be fun, at least for the children. It was fun until they started selling us the idea of signing up for their photo album design package. Man, they just can’t take no for an answer.

The album design and the graphic art work photo arrangements were great but it cost too much. The idea was great for older children and adults but I didn’t feel it was wise for babies and toddlers. Not really worth spending that much when my kids are likely to destroy the photo album.

I prefer to opt for a cheaper solution, a baby album of their baby photographs that my kids can view and not feel pinch when they destroy it. I recommend this:

Baby Photo Album
Softcover Photo Books make one-of-a-kind baby photo albums. Organize up to 250 of your favorite digital baby photos with captions; use text to describe memorable events in your baby's life. Your baby photo album measures 5.5"x7.5". Choose our unique 'Baby' cover design or several solid colors.

It is easily replaceable at little cost. My kids have destroyed many photo albums; torn album cover, ripped off or drawing on pages from the photo album. You name it, the kids will do it.

With a collection of baby photo albums, the whole family will sit down and look through the albums together time and time again. It brings hours of fun family time with your kids. So, fathers, snap away, they are memories well worth keeping.

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