First Time Father. Baby Care

First Time Fathers

You will find these articles helpful to you. If you are a new father, we recommend that you start by reading our A Beginner's Note.

The articles here are written from my personal experiences as a father. They are divided into two categories Topics and Issues. Topics will discuss matters on caring for your baby while Issues is focused on problems. Enjoy reading!



Keep Memories Of Your Baby’s Early Years Alive
Your baby will grow up faster than you realize. Keep precious memories that you can relive in later years.

Pregnancy Check Up
Most husbands do not accompany their wives on checks. Fours reasons why we should.

Sex of Your Baby
Who is responsible for the sex of the baby, the husband or the wife? What should our attitude be?

Support Your Wife
What should your attitude towards your pregnant wife be? What are some ways to show you appreciate her.

Talk/Sing to Your Baby
Explains why we should do it and how it will have great effect on your baby. A handle "tool" to be equipped with.

Choosing A Gynae
Don't make the same mistake my wife and I made.

Different Standards in Pregnancy Care
War between parents and your wife. Prevent it at all cost!

Food Craving
What is that? Are wives the only ones who have food cravings? Can husbands get it?

Morning Sickness
Yes, dads, you could experience it.

Should I Expect Our Parents to Help Full Time?
Am I right to expect our parent to help care for your baby?