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Is Food Craving During Pregnancy Normal?

Those of you who read my article on Morning Sickness would know that I experienced food craving when we were expecting our first child. I have never craved for food before. Is it normal? For the husband to experience food cravings I would think not but I did have that experience. However, if your wife is the one experiencing food craving, it is quite normal. I have had many friends whose spouse had food craving during their pregnancy.

What does it feel like? Those who experience food craving would know that it is that uncontrollable need to eat a particular type of food. It could be a particular food dish, fruit or even desert. I remember I had this craving for durian.

When you are hit by a food craving, you can't stop thinking about it until it is satisfied. The need to savor that food in your mouth is indescribable. It is like you could taste the food in your mouth and I even got all watery in the mouth. You just have to have it, it will haunt you. But once you have consumed it, the craving disappears as quickly as it came. The effect of it all was I gained quite a few pounds.

Guys believe me, if your wife craves for food, get it for her. It can be somewhat of an inconvenience to you getting out to house to buy the food or out of bed making a tuna sandwich; it isn't any easier on your wife having the craving. You wouldn't know the experience unless you experience it like I did.

Food craving shouldn’t be any cause for concern unless it affects her eating habits which may cause imbalance in her diet. It becomes an issue when the craving is for non-food items. Consult your gynae immediately should this happen.

Food craving doesn't last forever, it stops in the 3rd trimester or after the baby is delivered. My craving for food stopped when my daughter was born. It is important to ensure your wife gets a healthy diet each day.

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