First Time Father. Baby Care

Introduction to Baby Care

The Fundamentals that New Dads Should Know.

Whether you are a father-to-be or a new dad, the utmost question and concern on your mind would likely be on the subject of baby care - How do you care for your baby?

Taking care of a baby can be scary when you are a first time dad. You would probably have heard comments from some of your male friends saying, "What do I know about taking care of a baby?" but the good news is it gets easier with time. Baby care isn't all that scary.

Honestly, when it comes to baby care, no one is a "Mister know it all" because every baby is different. What works for one baby doesn't mean it will work on another baby. I have three children and I went through three rather different experiences with each of my babies.

Here in Baby Care, I will discuss topics that I believe would help prepare you for your new born, the things you would need or do, and even help you to understand your wife better. Remember, no one can prepare you fully except help make things a little easier for you. Caring for your baby is a long and unique learning journey with every baby.

Another matter close to the heart is on baby care products, what's helpful or useful and what's not? While there are many baby care products, often many aren't really necessary. Baby care products will be highlighted in my articles wherever relevant.

The information here on baby care are by no means complete and based upon my personal first hand experiences that I went through with my babies. Most importantly, you should always talk to your doctor, gynae or local support groups whenever necessary about baby care issues.