First Time Father. Baby Care

Baby Care

These articles should be helpful to you. If you are a new father, we recommend that you start by reading our Introduction to Baby Care.

The articles here are written from experiences from a personal level. They are divided into two categories Topics and Issues. Topics will discuss matters on caring for your baby while Issues is focused on problems. Enjoy reading!

Baby Topics

Baby Issues

Baby Carriers / Slings
Is forward facing or backward facing baby carriers better, how do you decide?

Baby Clothes
Frighten of hurting your baby while dressing your little precious? Here is a way to overcome for the fearful.

Baby Strollers
What to consider when buying a baby stroller, safety over convenience?


Breast Feeding
Are you a self-proclaimed “guru” in this area and don’t know it? Beware, this could be your undoing.

Home Hygiene
It is important for your baby but it is in fact more important for your wife.

Why Babies Cry
Prevention is better than cure. Ways to prevent your baby from crying.