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Home Hygiene

A Mother's Excuse for Not Resting

If your wife is a fulltime homemaker without any domestic help like a maid or servant and she is looking after your baby without any assistance from your parents or in-laws, this will definitely be useful to you.

“Please wash your cup and don't leave it on the table”

“Why can’t you make the bed when you get up each morning?”

Familiar statements amongst others I am sure many of us husbands have heard from our wives.

You probably would have realized by now that your wife is more particular about house cleanliness than you are. The floor is a little dusty or a t-shirt left on the bed to name a few will invite an unpleasant remark from your wife. These may seem trivial to you but believe me, they are not the least trivial to your wife.

This isn't as bad compared to a pregnant wife and when the baby arrives. The importance of home hygiene escalates. This is in my opinion part due to:

  • Concern for the baby's health.
  • Stress from adjusting to motherhood.
  • Tiredness from caring for the baby and the affairs of the home.

There are probably other reasons but whatever the reason may be, she will be less tolerant to your “lack of contribution” to home cleanliness.

House cleaning is important and you should try to maintain a certain level of hygiene in the home for your baby. However, what I feel is more important is the issue on home cleanliness, which is the main reason why your wife is not getting enough rest. She is always taking every free moment cleaning the house. This results in stress and nothing can be worse than having a stressed out wife. It would definitely be to you and your baby’s advantage to help your wife in keeping the house clean.

Here are a couple of things you could volunteer doing around the house for your wife:

  • Sweep/Mop the floor every evening.
  • Change your baby’s bed sheet weekly or fortnightly.
  • Wash and sterilize the milk bottles and breast pump. Make sure you clean the milk bottles and breast pump properly and thoroughly.
  • Change your baby's diaper and properly dispose of the diaper.
  • Fold the baby nappies.
  • Do the dishes.
  • Iron the clothing. Check with your wife what needs to be ironed.

I know you are likely to be tried after a long day’s work and you could do with some rest yourself, but in whatever way you can help to get your wife to rest daily do it. Home hygiene or house cleanliness is just an excuse for not resting.

I strongly believe that a well rested wife is a happy wife and a happy mother, you and your baby will also be happier too. Put in some additional effort to maintain your home hygiene or house cleanliness even though you may not be appreciated for it, it makes the home a more peaceful place for your whole family.