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How to choose a baby stroller, carriage, pram or jogging stroller.

It is very easy to recommend a stroller for a specific need, most stroller companies will tell you to get a baby stroller that is suited for the activity you will be using it for regularly. Honestly, that would mean you would have to probably get 2 to 3 different baby strollers and that's a reality especially when you and your wife like different activities.

Such as:
A Baby Carriage would be great for taking leisure walks and picnics.
A Jogging Stroller for active walking on bumpy off road conditions and running.
A Light Weight Stroller of shopping malls and crowded places.

You could use a single baby stroller and use it for all activities but they are build for different purposes and each stroller has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are able yo put up with the inconveniences, any baby stroller will indeed do.

Whether you will stick with one stroller or have several of different activities, there are several things in a baby stroller that you should look out for.

Stability of the Stroller
How easy can the stroller tilt or topple is a major concern. Here is where heavy stroller are better as they are more steady, 3-wheel or 4-wheel baby strollers a like. When your baby gets older shaking or rocking the stroller by your child is certain to happen, be sure the stroller won't tilt.

Stroller Should Offer Easy Handling
In this category, light weight strollers would be your choice as they are generally has more mobility and portability. They are good for:

  • Moving around when you are without a car, especially when taking public transportation.
  • Outings with your baby alone.
  • Narrow walkways and going up and down stairs.

It is a definite advantage if the baby stroller can:

  • Open and close easily and quickly.
  • Stand upright when in a closed position.

Comfort Level of Stroller For Mum and Dad
The handlebars of the baby stroller should be adjustable or set at a comfortable level for you and your wife. This allows you to maintain a vertical posture when you are pushing the stroller or you could end up with a backache with long hours of pushing the stroller.

If you tend to buy things on your outings with your baby, a stroller with a large storage compartment would come in handy.

Stroller Should Be Comfortable and Offer Protection for Baby
A well-padded baby stroller offers your baby better comfort, especially to the head. Thinly padded strollers do not offer any knocking protection to your baby’s head, especially when your baby’s head droops when falling asleep. A good stroller should allow the backrest to be inclined for baby to sleep and diaper change.

Choose a baby stroller that best suits your daily routine; be practical when choosing a baby stroller, it makes both you and your baby’s outing more enjoyable.

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