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Easy to wear Baby Clothes is great for new dads.

Are you fearful of hurting your baby while putting on baby clothes for your baby? I did on my initial attempts. Boy, was I terrified of hurting my baby girl's neck, arms and fingers. If you feel the same way, relax a little, their necks are tuffer than you think they are. Just don't get too rough.

I recommend that you start off by getting baby clothes that are easy to put on, whether it is a romper, bodysuit or tops and tee, they should be button front or button shoulder. Great Clothes for Great Kids! - Click here and start shopping!
Button Front Button Shoulder

These type of baby clothes provide a much wider opening for you to pull over your baby's head, it is easier and less threatening. Stretchable collars are somewhat harder to manage. What's important is to get baby clothes that you know you can handle easily.

Personally, I prefer two piece baby clothes (top and trousers) than to single piece. Mainly because trousers make diaper change much easier and more convenient. Two piece baby clothing also allows you to mix and match.

Stick with these baby clothing for starters, once you become more confident, your choice of baby clothes is limitless. One more thing about baby clothes, dress your baby in clothes that suit the activity. Be practical!