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Baby Slings or Baby Carriers

New parents tend to buy a stroller for their new baby, an item that you definitely must own. However, there are times a baby stroller just won't fit the occasion. It is inconvenient, difficult to manage and simply a pain to have a round. In suitations like these, It is good to have a baby carrier or baby sling with you.

The question is, which should you get, a baby carrier or a baby sling?

Baby Slings Baby Carriers
Baby Sling Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are easy to use and come with straps that go over the shoulders and around the back with a clip type securing system. This type of baby carrier has a kind of pouch in the front where your baby is inserted upright with legs sticking out of little slots. A good baby carrier I recommend is Baby Carrier Active by Baby Bjorn.

Baby slings are super light and versertile in the numerous postions your baby can be carried. If your are keen on getting a baby sling, I recommend you try The Original BabySling Soft Baby Carrier by NoJo.

Having used both baby sling and carrier, here is my opinion on them from the perspective of a new user.

  Baby Carrier   Baby Sling
  1. Easy to learn, immediate use.
  2. Single position such as in front or at back.
  3. Very secure.
  4. Baby takes on to it almost immediately.
  5. Light.
  6. Easy to wash.
  7. Needs time to dry after wash.
  8. No need to iron after wash.
  9. Looks good on dads.
  1. Need time to learn, cannot use immediately.
  2. Multiple positions such as in front, at hip, at back, reclining, nursing and kangaroo carrying positions.
  3. Secure.
  4. Needs getting use to, especially when not postioned correctly.
  5. Extremely light.
  6. Easy to wash.
  7. Shorter drying time required after wash.
  8. If you are particular about neatness, could do with some ironing.
  9. Looks good on mums.

If you prefer a baby carrier, I would also recommend that you get a baby carrier that offers a choice of facing your baby forward and inward. Although inward facing baby carriers offers better shielding from the sun and provides the head support needed when your baby falls a sleep. I prefer a forward facing (picture above) as it provides baby with more visual exposure. Your baby will be able to see everything in front of your baby's path. The only trade off it that it offers less support for your baby’s head when your baby sleeps Switch your baby round when your baby is awake and when asleep.

It is also better to use a Front-Pack baby carriers for younger babies than Back-Pack Carriers which are more suitable for older babies.

Ensure that your baby carrier comes with a firm high back that offers support for your baby's head. A retractable sun and rain-hood do come in handy.

It is quite obvious I much prefer to use a baby carrier, perhaps it is a guy thing but I am more comfortable with it. Buy the right one, dads could look dashing with it too and it does draw attention.

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