First Time Father. Baby Care

First Time Father and Baby Care

If you are a first time father or you have just entered fatherhood, congratulations and welcome to This site aims to provide you with some general information, encouragement and experiences a 1st time dad goes through. My baby care section is aimed at preparing you on how to handle and care for your baby.

First time fathers, your wife is pregnant; this certainly is the most exciting event that can happen to you. It can be scary and worrying at times, however, many of the experiences you will encounter during your wife's pregnancy are common and to be expected. The question is in some cases a matter of staying calm and remind yourself that this it does not last forever and it would be soon over.

New fathers, your newborn child is a gift from God, so love and treasure your baby. But be prepared, fatherhood is a life changing experience and sacrifices have to be made, you will need to adjust your schedule around the child. Parenting in not only in the women's department.

Whether you are a first time father or a father with a newborn baby, no amount of training and preparation can ever prepare you fully for it, it is a learning journey. But please get prepared by learning from others and do as much reading up as you can, it really helps prepare you for your journey that lies ahead. Fatherhood is a lifelong journey.

A good start would be do read two basic articles:

This site will try to help you through your periods of uncertainty by addressing some common issues, myths, and practices as a 1st time dad will experience. You should always talk to your doctor, gynae or local support groups if you need help or feeling lost, confused, worried or unsure about baby care issues. First Time Father gets the same privileges too.

A Note from a Father!

New dads and fathers to be, a good place to start this website is to read "First Time Father - A Beginner's Note".

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